So as you all may have recently heard (or not) the classic 80s cartoon, ‘Voltron’, has recently been rebooted courtesy of Netflix & DreamWorks Animation and being headed by people who have worked on two of my all-time favorite animated series, Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Now, I’ve never seen the original Voltron at all (I think ?) but as mentioned above I love the Avatar franchise and seeing as the chance of a new entry is pretty slim then for me this series is the next best thing. So now continuing on to the important part, how was the show ?

Spoiler Alert !

Well the short version is it was good, at some parts even great but still held back by a few problems overall. First of all from a purely plot focused standpoint the show didn’t really move its story forward all that much, granted the show is probably going to have a sizable number of episodes before it ends so there’s plenty of time to move the story forward, but as of now it really hasn’t so that’s a small strike against the first season.

Other issues also stemming from the time constraints is the character development. To be fair they touched on a good number of the cast this season like Hunk finding his will and reason to fight, Allura letting go of her father’s support , Pidges’ dilemma of trying to do things by herself as well as focusing on her personal priorities and the less touched upon trouble with Shiro’s past. In hindsight all this was quite well done for the eleven episodes they had but as consequence characters such as Lance, Keith, Coran as well as the villains unfortunately weren’t given much time in the spotlight.

Now while the characters may have not been equally developed all of the main cast was instantly likable from the cocky, confident Lance to the headstrong Keith to the hilarious Coran, all the characters have their own distinct personality as well as strong chemistry with each other. Our main bad guy, Zarkon exhibits a strong menacing aura in every scene he is in and his overall might and power as well as the threat he poses to the Voltron force can be seen on full display during the season finale. Bottom line, a strong cast of core characters which could have benefited with a bit more equally spread fleshing out suffers from a shorter run time.

Moving on let’s talk a little about the technical aspects of the series. I may be no connoisseur of animation but I think I’ve seen enough anime to give a valid opinion, that opinion being that it’s pretty dang good. Expanding a little more on that statement, the art and animation was consistently good throughout the 11 episodes with the highlights being the awesome battle sequences which were well choreographed and executed but on a whole slightly lesser than its spiritual predecessor. The CG was also well integrated flowing smoothly and in sync with the traditional 2D animation. Design wise it very much reminded me of Korra (it is the same studio after all) and thus I quite liked them. They were simple with nothing too over the top or flashy but appealing nonetheless.

So onto the concluding paragraph I can say that I very much enjoyed this fantastic reboot and though I may not have had any sense of nostalgia for the original I can safely say that this reboot has officially made me a Voltron fan and will I will soon start my search for some fancy transforming lion toys. In short, if you’re looking for a great cartoon or just a great show in general and if you’re longing for more Avatar in your life then go watch this show, trust me you won’t regret it.

Voltron is available to watch on Netflix.

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