The much awaited final season of Game Of Thrones has finally begun after a gap of two years. The season will consist of only six episodes. Each season has been unique in its own way. The expectations from the final season are extremely high. Some episodes have stood out from the crowd in terms of acting, plot twists and overall premise.

The Spoils of War (S07E04)

The Spoils of War is one of the most visually mesmerizing episodes ever made. Daenerys’ dragon unleashes its fury on the Lannister army. To make matters worse, the Dothraki also attack from land. Bronn saves Jamie from the dragon. Meanwhile, in Winterfell, Arya finally reunites with her siblings. She showcases her fighting skills during a friendly duel with Brienne. This episode was leaked online a day before its premiere and fans regretted watching it in low quality.

Game of Thrones (2011)
Drogon burns down the Lannister army.

Blackwater (S02E09)

The first major battle in the show was when Tyrion protected King’s Landing from Stannis’ army. The wildfire strategy was a bold and unexpected move. Joffrey behaves like a coward (which he always does) and abandons his soldiers. It is Tyrion who leads the army. The episode establishes him as a leader and a strategist. We are shocked to see one of the Kingsguards attacking him and equally relieved when Podrick saves him. All this time, Cersei is contemplating suicide but is saved by Tywin and the Tyrell army. Did I mention that The Hound says some of the most badass lines in this episode?

The explosion has been beautifully filmed.

Hardhome (S05E08)

Jon Snow stands out in this episode. He tries to convince the wildlings to come with him across the Wall. Their negotiations are interrupted by an army of “zombies”. The fight sequences are masterfully designed. The snowy and cold premise gives the 15-minute sequence an authentic look. This episode was important as Snow realizes that Valyrian steel can be used to defeat the dead. The episode ends with the Night King reviving the dead wildlings revealing an even greater army than before.

The night king has an entire army of dead people.

The Lion and the Rose (S04E02)

It is probably the most satisfying episode of the series. Joffrey is poisoned and dies a slow, painful death. Tyrion is accused of the murder. Sansa escapes the situation and flees King’s Landing.

Joffrey humiliates and provokes his uncle during the wedding

The Winds of Winter (S06E10)

We cannot deny the fact that Cersei is a badass character in Game of Thrones. I did not expect her to blow up the Sept of Baelor, killing the High Sparrow, the Tyrells and even her uncle Kevan. Qyburn kills Pycelle. Daenerys begins her journey towards Westeros with multiple armies and three dragons. Arya avenges her family by killing Walder Frey and his sons in a wicked way. Tommen commits suicide (as if it mattered).

The Rains of Castamere (S03E09)

Rains of Castamere is a Lannister song which is played during Edmure Tully’s wedding to Roslin, Walder Frey’s daughter. During the feast, both the Boltons and the Freys betray the Starks and murder them. Robb, Catelyn, and Talisa die. The episode was intense, emotional and traumatic as we didn’t know what was going to happen. It was an unexpected and heartbreaking betrayal. The didn’t spare the direwolf too.

The Red Wedding Game of Thrones
The Starks are betrayed and brutally murdered.

Battle of the Bastards (S06E09)

The eighth and ninth episode of every Game of Thrones season is usually the best one. Battle of the Bastards is the highest rated Game of Thrones episode on IMDb. It has the greatest battle sequence in TV history. The Starks defeat Ramsay to take Winterfell back. Ramsay is fed to his own dogs thus dying a gruesome death. He is the next most hated character after Joffrey.

In Meereen, the Dothraki led by Daario overpower the Sons of Harpy. Also, Daenerys destroys the Masters’ fleets with her three dragons. Theon and Yara offer their fleet to Daenerys in return for her help in defeating Euron.

Battle-Of-The-Bastards | Game of Thrones
Jon Snow against an army in Battle of the Bastards

Honourable Mentions:

The Mountain and the Viper (S04E08): The best one versus one combat of the series. Oberyn had the upper hand in the combat but the tables turn and The Mountain ends up squashing his head. It is horrfying and sad to watch the death of a promising character.

The Door (S06E05): The audience realises the potential of Bran’s powers. It is an emotional episode as Hodor dies while trying to protect Bran and Meera from the white walkers.

The Laws of Gods and Men (S04E06): Trial awaits Tyrion for Joffrey’s murder. Shae betrays him and hence he has an outburst. What follows is a savage monologue and his demand for trial by combat.

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