The official website for the One Punch Man anime just announced the main staff for the second season of the show. The biggest change from the previous season is that the animation will now be handled by studio J.C Staff  instead of Madhouse.

Other changes include a directorial shift from Shingo Natsume to Chikara Sakura, who previously helmed an episode of Naruto Shippuden and Yoshikazu Iwanami as sound director over Shoji Hata. Chikashi Kubota is returning to design the characters, Tomohiro Suzuki is again in charge of series composition and Makoto Miyazaki is also returning to compose the music. As for the characters, the main cast are all reprising their roles.

The One Punch Man anime is based on the manga by author ONE and artist Yuusuke Murata which follows the daily life of Saitama, a man who can end all of his battles in a single punch. The first season of the show which aired in Fall 2015 was a smashing success both within the anime fandom and with causal viewers. The anime was lauded for its well choreographed fight scenes supplemented with fluid animation and its satirical take on the concept of superheroes, touching upon tropes found in both Japanese and American takes on the genre. A second season of the anime was announced back in September 2016.  The series is currently licensed and release outside of Japan by Viz Media.

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