The fans of rom-com genre termed the lack of movies this genre in the past decade ‘the end of rom-com era’ but with the release of a number of movies from the genre and release of many original rom-com movies by the streaming giant Netflix has set the ball rolling.

The audience is showering their love for these movies and success of recent movies like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Set It Up, etc. is validating this. But the portrayal of life in these movies is still raising many questions. Recent movies like Sierra Burgess is a Loser, Crazy Rich Asians, The Kissing Booth, etc. have increased the fans of rom-com genre across the world.

crazy rich asians rom-com
Crazy Rich Asians

People are giving references, are quoting dialogues and are to trying live the romantic moments portrayed in these movies but a section of the audience is criticizing these kinds of movies for their wrong portrayal of real-life situations and are questioning the choices that these characters make during the course of these movies.

Isn't It Romantic rom-com
Isn’t It Romantic

A movie is never supposed to be a mirror of real-life situations but totally shying away from reality can’t be an excuse for this. And the best thing about new age rom-com movies is that they are not showing lives in palaces with characters mouthing cheesy lines but is slowly getting matured. Movies like Isn’t It Romantic are openly making fun of clich├ęs of rom-com movies. The new age cinema is taking baby steps towards the portrayal of romantic stories which are more close to real life situations and showing them in a more entertaining way. It all can indeed be termed as the beginning of a new era of romantic comedies.

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