When Stranger Things released back in 2016, it was the talk of the town. The show was critically acclaimed and developed a huge fan following. Netflix decided to further tap this genre of supernatural and sci-fi thrillers. It released it’s first German original Dark. This German thriller has been unnoticed for quite some time. It has one of the most complicated storylines that I have ever watched.

Mind Bending Time Travel in Dark

Netflix Dark
It is difficult to keep track of too many characters in the show.

Time traveling elements in movies and TV have always fascinated the audience. Dark is no exception. The story writers masterfully set up multiple time periods of 2019, 1986, 1953 (i.e time periods after gaps of 33 years). While most shows are based on how the past changes the future, Dark chooses the unconventional “how future changes the past” theory. The plot itself is inexplicable. In fact, one will have to repeatedly refer Wikipedia to keep track of the characters and their families. The series was binge-worthy and highly addictive. I finished both the seasons in two days.

The audience has often compared Dark to Stranger Things. However, both are extremely different in terms of the core idea and the plot. Stranger Things is based on the idea of “parallel dimensions”. However, Dark is “time travel” with its own set of rules.

The Plot Twists

Dark Netflix
Dark explores the concepts of worm holes and time travel.

Where there is time travel, there are plot twists. The plot gradually builds up to give the ultimate plot twist. Given that the show has a mind-boggling story, it enhances the effect of the twists. It is in the same league as popular movies such as The Usual Suspects and Psycho. It will depend on how open the viewer is in accepting the narrative. Season 2 ends with a number of unanswered questions. Did I also mention that the cinematography is stunning?

In my opinion, Netflix has again proven its capabilities in providing its users with quality content. It is slowly consolidating its position in foreign countries too. Dark is a must watch for people who love being intrigued by shows.

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