While people were busy complaining about Game of Thrones and how it ended, HBO quietly released its magnum opus-Chernobyl. Based on one of the worst man-made catastrophes, the show takes the viewer on a terrifying yet captivating ride. Chernobyl will be considered as one of the best miniseries ever made.


The show is short-only 5 episodes. Each episode stands out in terms of emotional drama and character development. It never felt boring and dull. The subplots also served their purpose well. The causes and effects of the disaster, the mistakes the workers made, the influence of politics have been properly covered. The show also gave a glimpse of how the disaster led to the USSR’s dissolution. It is horrifying to see the effects of the radiations on people who were exposed to it.

Chernobyl is one of the TV shows which was able to generate an impeccable character development. The main protagonist is Valery Legasov, a talented and honest Soviet chemist. He has been chosen to investigate the cause of the disaster and to aid in the cleanup. Assisting him is Boris Shcherbina, the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers. Both men work tirelessly to overcome new problems. There are a number of subplots that make the show interesting.

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There is Lyudmilla Ignatenko, a firefighter’s wife. Her husband is exposed to the radiations and as a result, is on his deathbed. Then there is the fictional character of Ulana Khomyuk, a nuclear physicist. She uncovers the truth about the cause of the catastrophe. Flashbacks reveal how the situation in the control room of the nuclear power plant escalated and this led to miscalculations and errors. While scientists, as well as survivors, have questioned the historical accuracy of the show, it shouldn’t matter to the average viewer.

The show successfully recreates the tensed and dark atmosphere of Pripyat (a city near Chernobyl). The shots are stunning and attention to detail has been accurate. The music too perfectly complimented the scenes. The viewer can easily immerse himself in the show’s world.

In conclusion, Chernobyl offers a rare and authentic experience. It is terrifying and heartbreaking. It’s truly a show that just shouldn’t be missed.

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