Anthony Jeselnik has finally emerged from his slumber with his Netflix stand-up comedy special ‘Fire in the Maternity Ward’. Jeselnik is definitely one of the greatest of all time comedians our generation will ever get to witness. Dark humor is set on topics that are completely non-restrictive and he makes the most out of all of them. By taking the common topics which are normally unpleasant to talk about during conversations and turning them into pure sheer joke material, he captures his audience and fills the room with laughter while talking about sadness. Dark humor is a skill this man has mastered indefinitely.

From dead wives to abortions to dropping a baby, Jeselnik jokes about it all in his new special. His slow pace, perfect misdirection and witty lines will drag you to the darkest of the dark realms and that might seem unpleasant to read about right now but is a thrill to watch. He never fails to bomb at every show he comes out with so you can never be disappointed with anything Jeselnik.

Anthony Jeselnik  Netflix
Anthony Jeselnik

His offensive humor does not sit well with most people especially in this day and age with everything having to be politically correct so if you are a soft person on the inside, watching his specials will definitely open your mind to speak up more about taboo subjects in a more free manner so not only are you getting a good laugh but also improving yourself.

The reason he is the best at what he does is because of his natural dark aura and how much he does not care about hurting someone’s feelings because, after all, a joke is only a joke.


Jeselnik stands by two principals:
1) Never take a joke back.
2) Never apologize for a joke.
And those are principals every comedian should stand by.

So if you haven’t had some Anthony in you so far, go get it quick. He’d love to be inside of you in every meaning of the phrase. You can check out his comedy special on Netflix by clicking here.

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