With Dumbo already in theatres, and The Lion King hitting theatres in July, Disney has managed to create a lot of buzz already. But Aladdin definitely has more attention than the both of them combined. The live-action reboot of the 1992 animated classic is set to hit theatres in just a couple of months. The new TV spot covers bits and pieces of previously unseen footage from the upcoming flick.

Aladdin 2
Mena Massoud as the street rat with a heart of gold, Aladdin, and Will Smith as the larger-than-life Genie in Disney’s ALADDIN, directed by Guy Ritchie.

The previous reactions to the initial looks of Aladdin were a bit controversial. They mainly surrounded Will Smith’s portrayal of the Genie. It was because the character wasn’t blue in the first teaser image. However, Disney later assured that Robin Williams’ iconic character would actually be blue in the movie. A teaser was, then, released only to be widely criticized for its cheap-looking CGI. The fans were afraid that the film would be a fiasco and would not live up to their expectations. However, the latest TV Spot definitely gives us a ray of hope.

What does the TV Spot Reveal?

Jasmine and Aladdin’s chemistry is focused on in the TV Spot

The new TV Spot successfully hyped up the remake. It focuses on the magical journey we are sure to witness later this year. It blesses us with almost a copious amount of fast-paced action, and a new shot of Will Smith’s Genie. We also get a generous amount of looks at the major sequences and musical numbers in Aladdin. It focuses more on Jasmine and Aladdin’s adventure than on his and Genie’s relationship.

Naomi Scott in a still from the TV Spot

Mena Massoud takes up the titular role of Aladdin, who is bestowed with a magic lamp, granting him wishes. Naomi Scott and Marwan Kenzari play the roles of Jasmine and Jafar respectively. The movie is directed by Guy Ritchie.

Aladdin is set to hit the theatres on May 24th this year.

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