With the immense popularity of streaming services still on the rise, it only makes sense that the Big Mouse would also soon enter the competition. After their acquisition of Fox, which created history, Disney now steps into the streaming service competition with Disney+. Here’s a quick guide to Disney+ and their pricing.

Disney+ Pricing

Disney+ has announced their pricing to be $6.99 per month or $69.99 for the annual subscription. That’s almost half the price of Netflix’s most popular program in the US which is $13 with the ability to stream in 2 devices in high definition.

Plus, with Disney’s acquisition of Fox, it also has a majority stake in streaming service Hulu. Disney will most likely bundle its services with Hulu and ESPN+.Disney’s Kevin Mayer, head of the company’s direct-to-consumer unit said Disney “will likely bundle at a discounted price to offer more value for consumers.”

Disney also confirms that unlike Hulu and ESPN+, Disney+ will be ad-free making all of its money from subscription plans. More subscription plans will probably be revealed as the streaming service gets more structured.

New Content

To add to all of this, Disney has also announced its plans to create more original content for the service. There will be a series based on Avengers characters, Falcon and Winter Soldier, two confirmed live-action projects from Marvel Studios focusing on Loki and Hawkeye, a Monsters, Inc.show, a High School Musical show, and a Star Wars series focusing on a bounty hunter, called The Mandalorian.

There will so be separate sections for Disney animation, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic. More films will gradually be added over the years as they get free from other streaming services. Plus Simpsons has been announced as exclusive content.

Disney+ will begin from November 12.

You can visit Disney+here.

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